California SIG

(Northern California)
Marla Misunas, Collections Information Manager
(415) 357-4186
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
mmisunas [at] sfmoma [dot] org
(Southern California)
Currently vacant.
Mission Statement
The MCN California Special Interest Group (CAL SIG) serves as a regional forum to promote communication about the usage of digital technologies in the California cultural heritage community. The group meets periodically in California, at the discretion of the Chair(s), to share new developments and challenges, to visit each others' facilities, and to network. The CAL SIG also meets during the annual MCN meeting each fall. Notices of upcoming meetings and reports from past meetings are publicized here.

The group communicates via the MCN-L listserv with "[CAL SIG:]" in the subject line.

As a regional special interest group, the CAL SIG is able to gather for special events at California museums