narrative cartography

The Whole Wide World: Content Development for Interactive Maps


Thu, 11/08/2012 - 4:30pm - 5:00pm
Track: G. Evaluation, Labs, Production, External Engagement
Room: Spring


  1. Name: Michael Neault
    Title: Content Producer
    Organization: Second Story Interactive Studios


Interactivity brings a whole new dimension to the art of cartography. Maps are no longer static pieces of paper, they can move in a multitude of dimensions: up, down, backwards, forwards, inside, outside, even traveling back in time. With the added versatility of digital also comes complexity. The new breed of cartographers are more apt to be developers than geographers and more likely to be mathematicians than artists. Today’s maps are often a hybrid of Powers and Ten combined with something out of a Neal Stephenson science fiction novel. How can your institution harness the power of mapmaking to communicate information? This presentation will use a rich integration of visuals to communicate the evolution of maps and how they can be used to tell a story. Discussion points will include content strategy and development, interface design, data wrangling, and working with an interdisciplinary team to extend your capabilities.

Session Description:

The presentation will be divided into 5 main topics and will use many real-world examples to communicate the basics of interactive map making.

Session Info

  • Type: Individual Paper
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  • Relevance: Target audience would be for education specialists, content developers, and strategists. The relevance is to provide accessible, practical tips for producing interactive maps, to discuss a range of inspiring examples from the field, and to share public resources available to museum professionals.