Digital Asset Management (DAM) SIG

Heidi Quicksilver, Digital Asset Manager, The Jewish Museum, NYC - hquicksilver [at] gmail [dot] com
Mission Statement
Goals for the community 

  • To support knowledge sharing, strategy, content development, and evaluation of Digital Asset Management strategies for Cultural Institutions. 
  • To develop and document best practices for DAM and DAMS based on knowledge gained through implementation, use and feedback on working systems.

The group communicates via direct email, a forthcoming group on LinkedIn and the MCN-L listserv (with "[DAM SIG:]" in the subject line). Google hangouts are also available for large group discussions.
Resources (Update in progress. Please provide any up to date papers and documentation and we will post them here)
Metadata Working Group Consortium (2010). Guidelines for Handling Image Metadata. Version 2.0.
Technical Standards: 
Western States Digital Standards Group (2003). Western States Digital Imaging Best Practices.  Version 1.0.
National Archives and Records Administration (2004). Technical Guidelines for Digitizing Archival Materials for Electronic Access:   Creation of Production Master Files - Raster Images
California Digital Library (2011).  CDL Digital File Format Recommendations: Master Production Files.
Frey, Franziska, and Reilly, James (2006).  Digital Imaging for Photographic Collections: Foundations for Technical Standards.  Order from: