Leadership History

Members of the MCN Board of Directors have represented major institutions in the museum and cultural heritage sector. Institutional affiliation and other information listed below, and on the pages for each year's full board, reflects the periods of service represented. As historical information, it is not updated to reflect current contact information.
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MCN Presidents and Early Executive Leaders
Affiliation below is home institution at start of leadership term.

Charlotte Sexton (Digital Media Consultant), 2013-2014

Allegra Burnette (The Museum of Modern Art), 2012-2013

Christina DePaolo (Balboa Park Online Collaborative), 2011-2012

Douglas Hegley (The Metropolitan Museum of Art / Minneapolis Institute of Arts), 2010-2011

Erin Coburn (J. Paul Getty Museum), 2009-2010

Rob Lancefield (Davison Art Center, Wesleyan University), 2008-2009

Cathryn Goodwin (Princeton University Art Museum), 2007-2008

Marla Misunas (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art), 2005-2007

Sam Quigley (Harvard University Art Museums), 2003-2005

Chuck Patch (The Historic New Orleans Collection), 2002-2003

Len Steinbach (Cleveland Museum of Art), 2001-2002

Susan Patterson (St. Louis Museum of Art), 2000-2001

Susanne Warren (Clark Art Institute), 1999-2000

Richard Rinehart (Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive), 1998-1999

Guy Hermann (Mystic Seaport Museum), 1997-1998

Leslie Johnston (Cantor Arts Center, Stanford University Libraries), 1996-1997

Bob Leming (Philadelphia Museum of Art), 1995-1996

Diane Zorich, 1994-1995

Rachel Allen, 1993-1994

Kathy Jones Garmil, 1992-1993

Eleanor Fink, 1991-1992

[Executive Director:] Deirdre Stam, 1988-1991

Ron Kley [Acting President, 1986-1987], 1986-1988

David Vance, 1971-1985

[Director before incorporation:] Jack Heller, 1970-1971

[Director before incorporation:] Everett Ellin, 1967-1970


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General History of MCN

For a narrative account of the founding and evolution of the Museum Computer Network, please see this article on the history of MCN.