MCN 2012 | Annual Conference

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the 40th Annual Museum Computer Network Conference! Find post-conference resources here...


The Museum Unbound: MCN 2012MCN 2012 | Seattle
40th Annual MCN Conference

Renaissance Seattle Hotel
November 7 - 10, 2012

The Museum Unbound: Shifting Perspectives, Evolving Spaces, Disruptive Technologies

The annual Museum Computer Network (MCN) conference brings together a diverse community of museum professionals interested in using technology to improve their organizations and enhance the visitor experience. It is not a conference purely for technologists – it’s for anyone who wants to explore exciting opportunities—and tackle the unique challenges—associated with using technology in cultural organizations.

MCN 2012's theme was, “The Museum Unbound: Shifting Perspectives, Evolving Spaces, Disruptive Technologies”, focuses on exploring how the quickening pace of technological innovation is expanding the very definition of what it means to be a museum.

MCN Seattle featured a newly expanded program with a diverse set of offerings. The conference kicked off with ‘Ignite MCN’, a fast-paced and provocative idea forum. Supporting the innovation theme, the program also featured a full set of ‘Maker’ hardware-hacking activities and a revamped un-conference program. These new activities worked hand-in-hand with the main program’s set of excellent workshops, sessions, and roundtables, providing attendees with many ways of exchanging ideas, interacting with peer professionals, and learning new skills.

Whether you are a seasoned technology professional, high-level manager, or just want to be more familiar with industry trends, the MCN 2012 conference program had something for everyone. The conference not only broadened participants' skills and perspectives on museum technology, it was also the perfect place to meet leaders in the field and join a generous community willing to help you get to that next step.

MCN Seattle was an inspiring and energetic gathering.


Here is a list of accepted program sessions.


Collaboration | Community | Innovation | Maker Activities | Conservation | Agility | Access | Digital Asset Management | Social Media | Mobile | Transparency | Gaming | Augmented Reality | Organizational Change | Tools and Best Practice | and More!…


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