Confirmed Sessions for MCN2012

Title Session Type
The Lowcountry Foodways Project: Deconstruction of an IMLS planning grant and the importance of regional foodways for collection development, preservation, and community building Full Panel
The Henry Ford’s new Exhibit Floor Collections Access Interactives and Collections Delivery Architecture Individual Paper
SIGS: A Byte of Lunch Round-table
Ticketing Case Study Case Study Showcase
Getting Down to Business Other
Horizon Report Showcase - #mcn2012hrzn Other
Keynote in Conversation: Curtis Wong with Rob Stein - #mcn2012key Full Panel
Case Studies: Social Media Success Stories - #mcn2012soc Other
Opening Plenary: The Jim Blackaby Keynote Address with Curtis Wong - #mcn2012key Other
Closing Plenary Other
Freeze Frame: Digital Preservation Other
Measuring What Matters Other
Developing Mobile Learning Experiences Other
Directors' Roundtable - #mcn2012dir Round-table
Attacking Project Pitfalls - #mcn2012pit Other
Faster, Louder, More: Tech Transforms the Mission - #mcn2012flm Other
Digital Technologies & 21st Century Learning - #mcn2012cl21 Other
Slack Day Other
It's Electric: Wiki Wiki Wiki - #mcn2012wiki Other
Everyone in? Getting Crowdsourcing Right Other
The Future of Collections Management Systems - #mcn2012cms Other
Content FTW: Production, Media, and Mapping - #mcn2012ftw Other
The Role of Artists and Administrators In A Digital World - #mcn2012artstech Other
The ABCs of DAMS - #mcn2012dams Other
Preserving Digital Art: A Case Study - #mcn2012cons Full Panel
Positive Disruption: A Case Study for Embracing Change Individual Paper
Sustainable Technology Choices for Museums - #mcn2012sus Full Panel
Hard Decisions are Good, Change is Constant Individual Paper
Shifting Our Perspective to Meet the Needs of 21st Century Learners Individual Paper
Does social media help museums broaden participation? Social Media Impact and Participation Full Panel
Developing digital interactives that are inclusive of visitors with disabilities Individual Paper
Moving Forward by Looking Sideways: Creative Thinking in Museum Digital Strategy - #mcn2012move Full Panel
The Seattle Art Museum Online Scholarly Catalogue of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy - #mcn2012sam Full Panel
Tending to the Effects of Changing Technology in Museums - #mcn2012tend Full Panel
The Caveat Fractal: Indexing and Accessing Video Games and Related Ephemera Other
Extracting Data from Historical Documents: Crowdsourcing Annotations on Wikisource Individual Paper
The SANS of change - managing the expanding storage universe Individual Paper
The Digital Blur: Artist/Technologist Individual Paper
Leveraging International Collaborations to Create Interactive and Educational Experiences - #mcn2012coll Full Panel
Socially Networked Arts Groups Other
Mission, Audience, and Sustainability: A Mobile Tale Individual Paper
Building a Museum from Scratch: Where to Begin, Where to Go, and How to Get There Individual Paper
Motivating the Inner Activist at the Gates Foundation Visitor Center Case Study Showcase
The Social Museum - #mcn2012socmus Full Panel
The Message in the Medium for the Masses / Video Production in Museums: Ideal Production and Real Production Individual Paper
Open Sourced Public Archaeological Recording in England and Wales Individual Paper
An Integrated Approach to Manage Museum Information Half Day Workshop
Soapbox! The Audience Speaks Crowdsourced Exhibition Interactive Demo
The Public Is Present: Exhibition Websites at MoMA - #mcn2012moma Full Panel
Tales from the blog - #mcn2012tale Round-table
'Parallel TMS' - Rethinking the Collection in the Light of Wikipedia, the Walker, and GitHub Individual Paper
Transforming the Art Museum Experience: Gallery One - #mcn2012gal1 Full Panel
Wikimedia Tech Workshop: Bridging the Gap Full Day Workshop
Developing an Integrated Collections Cataloging and Management System - #mcn2012intcms Full Panel
Educator or Edupunk? Shifting Roles for Museum Educators Embracing Disruptive Technologies - #mcn2012edu Full Panel
Google on Trial: Is the Google Art Project Good?s - #mcn2012goog Full Panel
The Public Is Present: Exhibition Websites at MoMA Full Panel
Personalized Learning: How to Discover the Tools That Will Enable Teachers, Students, and Everyone to Find, Understand, and Adapt Museum Resources (...Or How to Accept Responsibility in a Digitally-Enabled World) Individual Paper
Tagger Cloud Individual Paper
Creating Video Content for ConservationReel with Consumer Technology Demo
The Whole Wide World: Content Development for Interactive Maps Individual Paper
Inspired Interactions: Breaking the Mold of Mobile Learning for Religious Education Individual Paper
Kickstarting Innovation within the Museum - #mcn2012kick Round-table
From Proposal to Payoff: Three Museums Get It Done Round-table
Opening access to works in the public domain at Yale University Full Panel
Design and Development Strategies for Building a Museum iTunes U Site, and the Perplexities of Apple’s Site Design Individual Paper
It's All in the Details: The Inner Workings of a Large-Scale Media Project - #mcn2012deets. Full Panel
Crowdsourcing and Mobile: What are the metrics of success? Individual Paper
The LBJ Time Machine Case Study Showcase
Cut Through the Fog: How to Act on Your Museum's Website and Exhibition Data Half Day Workshop
Making it Work When You’re Already Working - #mcn2012work Round-table
Technology Projects: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Other
3d Photo Imaging for Condition Detection, Monitoring and Documentation Full Panel
The Hello Cube, Wondermind and Underworld: Three Adventures into Gaming and Social Media at Tate - #mcn2012tate Individual Paper
Digital Asset Management: Where to Start Individual Paper
Connecting with Museum Audiences: Exploring Third-Space through Social Media at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Case Study Showcase
All Those 1s and 0s: Creating Archival Standards for Digital Media - #mcn2012dams Round-table
Quick and Dirty iPad Interactives: Creating Simple In-Gallery Solutions Case Study Showcase
Value, Sustainability and Disruptive Technologies - #mcn2012valu Full Panel
Website for Museum Members with the Use of Social Media Demo
Linked Open Data at the Science Museum Individual Paper
Creating a Digital Smithsonian, One Bug at a Time, Preferably in 3-D - #mcn2012digsi Full Panel
Blurring boundaries, shifting perspectives - museum science meets history online. Round-table
Open Science, Citizen Science - Unleashing the Power of Community Collaboration to Create New Museum Science - #mcn2012sci Full Panel
Tate Website Relaunch: How to Survive a User-Centered Design Process Individual Paper
Provocatively Reimagining Education: the ED ZED OMEGA Game Project Individual Paper
Design Thinking for Museums: From Empathy to Innovation Half Day Workshop
The Swiss Army Knife Approach: How Far Can You Push Collection Management Systems in a Changing World Individual Paper
3-D Scanning, Hacking, and Printing Half Day Workshop
How to Get the Most Out of the Artfinder iPhone App and iBooks Author Half Day Workshop
Agile Digital Publishing Full Panel
Designing Around the Stumbling Blocks Half Day Workshop
The Lowcountry Foodways Project: Deconstruction of an IMLS planning grant and the importance of regional foodways for collection development, preservation, and community building Other
And the Process-Oriented Will Inherit the Earth Individual Paper
Cabinets of Curiosity II Round-table
Connected, Alive, and Aware: A Signature Experience Case Study Showcase
Creating Mobile Experiences with TourML and TAP Half Day Workshop
Digital Publishing with the OSCI Toolkit Half Day Workshop
Make it Rain: Condensing Four Years of Cloud Usage Individual Paper
Denizens of the Deep Web: Understanding Hyperspecialized Online Audiences Individual Paper
A Roundtable on Tools and Best Practices for Email Preservation and Access Round-table
Digital Learning Adventures Individual Paper
Exploring Three Different Approaches to Online Photography Competitions in Museums - #mcn2012opc Full Panel
GLAM Women: How You Can Help Close the Gender Gap on Wikipedia Individual Paper
Preserving History for Future Generations at The King Center Individual Paper
What's the Point of a Museum Maker Space? - #mcn2012make Full Panel
So Now What? Next Steps in GLAM-Wikimedia Collaborations Individual Paper
Shapeshifting - Transformations in Native American Art Individual Paper