Slack Day


Fri, 11/09/2012 - 9:00am - 12:00pm
Track: n/a
Room: Federal/Superior


  1. Name: Rich Barrett-Small
    Title: Lead Developer
    Organization: Victoria and Albert Museum, London
  2. Name: Miriam Langer
    Title: Professor of Media Arts
    Organization: New Mexico Highlands University
  3. Name: Ed Rodley
    Title: Senior Exhibit Developer
    Organization: Museum of Science, Boston


Slack Day is a morning of unconference and hacking sessions with a hands-on, participative ethos.

The three tracks will run concurrently and movement between them is positively encouraged:

  • Hardware hacking and maker activities
  • Hackin' Shack: hack-along demonstrations: This will consist of several bite-size introductions to cool tools and technologies which you’ve been meaning to try but never had the time or opportunity. The general ethos is that of a drop-in, drop-out, optional participation session–this is a Slack Day, after all. Participants may drift between this and other Slack Day tracks, such as hardware hacking and Unconference sessions.
  • Unconference sessions Have a topic that has come up but hasn't been discussed? Dying to find your tribe to explore something in depth? Propose your own unconference session! There's a topic proposal board down at Registration and we'll collect more ideas in the morning.  

Session Description:

Hack-along Set List

  • Matt Popke: Explorable Explanations with Tangle

    UX designer Bret Victor’s Tangle.js library is a great first step to enabling more dynamic and explorative forms of communication with our audiences.

  • Paco Link: Interactive media with HTML5, CoffeeScript

  • Mariano Ulibarri & Eli Gonzales: Arduino Leonardo, Keyboard and Mouse

    We will cover some features and bugs that are unique to the Leonardo, and run a quick tutorial on constructing a basic mouse.

  • Sarah Stierch and Lori Phillips: How to edit your GLAM’s Wikipedia page

    Have you visited your GLAM’s Wikipedia page only to see incorrect or outdated information? Or perhaps your organization doesn’t have a Wikipedia article yet? This informal talk will teach you the best practices for updating your institution’s article, or how to go about creating your institution’s Wikipedia page if it does not yet exist.

  • Megan Jacobs and Joey Montoya: Creating 3D models with Photogrammetry

    We’ll review the gear needed, demonstrate the shooting techniques, and walk everyone though the modeling software. Update: this demo will use the simpler, more accessible 123D Catch; iOS and Desktop apps available via the link provided.

  • Jonathan Lee: HTML5 vs. Objective-C Apps

    An informal conversation about HTML5 vs Objective-C applications for mobile development. We can discuss the ins and outs of the development process, distribution process, and support cycle in each.

    • Check out the Tumblr here and feel free to submit questions and topics
  • Miriam Langer & Andrew Lewis: Probably Processing, definitely Eyeballs.

    The following things may feature…

    • eyeballs built from webcams and deodorant bottles that can be remotely controlled via SKYPE
    • MakeyMakey coin slider control
    • Using Processing text-to-speech and Twitter API
    • Controlling physical movement of an object based upon data from Google spreadsheet RSS feeds

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    Download (if you are keen):

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