Special Interest Groups

MCN members may join MCN Special Interest Groups (SIGs), which represent topical interests and regional areas. There is no limit on the number of SIGs one may join, although we request that MCN members only join the regional SIG that represents their area. There are no fees to join topical SIGs; some regional SIGs assess minimal dues to cover local expenses.

SIG Charter

Activities of MCN Special Interest Groups are guided and governed by the SIG Charter.

Current SIGs

A list of all currently active SIGs appears below on this page.

For More Information About SIGs

Contact Eric Longo, MCN Executive Director at eric [at] mcn [dot] edu or Yvel Guelcé, MCN Board SIGs' Liaison at yvelg [at] childrensmuseum [dot] org.

California SIG

A regional forum to promote communication about the usage of digital technologies in the California cultural heritage community.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) SIG

A group of MCN members sharing knowledge about digital asset management.

Digital Media SIG

MCN's prime resource for knowledge concerning the general topic of digital imaging, audio, video, and emerging digital formats.

Information Technology SIG

Provides a forum for museum information technology individuals to exchange technical information, keep current on emerging technologies, and ...

Intellectual Property SIG

MCN's central resource for all members interested in the intellectual property issues involved with technology and museums.

Metrics & Evaluation SIG

Enables MCN members to exchange research and share questions regarding all manner of quantitative and qualitative evaluation of online museum content.

Northeast SIG

MCN members in the broadly-defined Northeast US (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania)

Small Museum SIG

A forum for discussing technology issues faced by people working in small- and medium-sized museums, galleries, and archives.

Media Production SIG

Provides a forum around issues that media content producers face in content production and the gallery. This group is for any individual that works with technical video and audio production, storytelling and content development and media display technology.

Social Media SIG

Examines the campaigns, issues, and trends in social media as it relates to museums. This SIG is for any individual who works with social media directly or is interested in its applications in a museum context, with an emphasis on content and strategy development.